Basic Offender Information For Illinois    

Contact information:

Illinois State Police, Sex Offender Registration Unit (217) 785-0653. To send an inquiry, an anonymous tip on the location of a sex offender who is not in compliance, or a comment, please call the Unit at (217) 785-0653 or write to the Unit at 201 East Adams, Suite 150, Springfield, Illinois 62701.

Offenders who are required to register with law enforcement:

Those persons who are found guilty of any of the following offenses and/or attempts to commit any of the following offenses are required to register:
  • indecent solicitation of a child;
  • sexual exploitation of a child;
  • custodial sexual misconduct;
  • soliciting for a juvenile prostitute;
  • keeping a place of juvenile prostitution;
  • patronizing a juvenile prostitute;
  • juvenile pimping;
  • exploitation of a child;
  • child pornography;
  • criminal sexual assault;
  • aggravated criminal sexual assault;
  • predatory criminal sexual assault of a child;
  • criminal sexual abuse;
  • aggravated criminal sexual abuse; and
  • ritualized abuse of a child.

A violation of any of the following sections of the Criminal Code of 1961, when the victim is a person under 18 years of age, the defendant is not a parent of the victim, and the offense was committed on or after January 1, 1996 must also register:
  • kidnapping;
  • aggravated kidnapping;
  • unlawful restraint ; and
  • aggravated unlawful restraint.
  • An adjudication as a sexually dangerous person.
  • First degree murder of a person under the age of 18.

What information is collected?

In Illinois, the name, home address, date of birth, vehicle information, employment information, school information, conviction information, photographs, fingerprints, and DNA are all collected by law enforcement agencies.

What is the administrating agency in Illinois?

For Illinois, the Illinois State Police is the administrating agency for the sex offender registration program. Also, local and county law enforcement agencies actually complete the sexual offender registration.

What is the registration timeframe in Illinois?

A sex offender must report in person to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where they are currently registered with to report a change of address within 5 days of their move. The sex offender must then also report to their new local law enforcement agency within 5 days of the move to register the new address. A sex offender visiting in the State of Illinois for more than 5 days is required to register with the local law enforcement jurisdiction in which they are visiting.

What applies to an out-of-state offender?

All laws and registration timelines still apply to out-of-state offenders and even federal offenders.

How long must an offender comply with these requirements?

In Illinois, a sex offender is required to register for 10 years and, in the case of certain offenses, he or she must register for the rest of their natural life.