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Champaign County Sex Offenders.Com is pleased to announce the launch of our new interactive 3D maps that pinpoint the location of all registered sex offenders in Champaign County Illinois. Champaign County Sex Offenders.Com is designed and intended for use by parents, caregivers, and others who are concerned about creating safe environments for their children. The information that this website provides is invaluable to those who care about the welfare of our nations children.

Parents and caregivers can access interactive maps to learn about the location of registered sex offenders in their neighborhood and even neighborhoods they have never been to. This way, parents are able to warn their children about suspicious behaviors, how to handle dangerous situations, and can take into account the behaviors of sexual offenders and predators. Parents and caregivers are also able to monitor their child's outdoor activities and know when those activities may need to be altered. Daycare arrangements can also be made or modified based off the information learned by using the interactive maps. Parents of college students are able to take into account the location of registered offenders in towns and cities they have never visited before considering off campus housing. The number one job of parents and caregivers today is to provide a safe environment for children to live, grow, learn, and play in. This website helps provide parents and caregivers the tools and resources to do just that.

Please check out our Articles as they can help prepare parents and caregivers if a sexual offender or predator lives nearby (and even if one doesn't). By accessing the Articles, parents and caregivers can learn about specific laws regarding sexual offenders and predators and even how to talk to your child about sex offenders. So please, take the time to not only access our interactive, local maps but also learn about our nations current child protective laws, Amber Alert system, and help protect your child from dangerous situations.


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